Braedale Roofing BUFR


BUFR or ‘felt roofing’ has been an effective method of waterproofing buildings against the elements for over a century. Indeed, you might be surprised to learn that Captain Scott’s hut in the Antarctic was roofed using one of IKO’s felt membranes back in 1908 and proceeded to last almost 100 years!

BUFR typically comprises of a series of ‘built-up’ bituminous membranes, including a vapour control layer, an underlay and a high performance, mineral-finished cap sheet. Full warm roof systems can also be specified which incorporate thermally efficient PIR insulation which is placed between the VCL and the underlay.

BUFR is an extremely popular choice for many refurbishment projects, due to the fact that it offers tried and tested performance and multi-layer protection.

BUFR Project Examples

Benefits of Built-up Felt Roofing Systems

  • Tried and tested systems, used successfully for over 100 years
  • Reassurance of multi-layer waterproofing protection
  • Thick, robust membranes that will stand the test of time
  • Available with a range of attractive mineral finishes