Braedale Roofing Liquid Roofing Systems


The popularity of liquid roofing has increased dramatically in recent years and today liquid systems represent one of the fastest growing parts of the market. This is due to the wide variety of benefits that they offer, including seamless, monolithic protection and the ability to waterproof areas with complex detailing quickly and easily.

In addition, liquid roofing systems are usually cold-applied, making them ideal for use on particularly sensitive locations where the use of naked flames is prohibited.

Cold applied liquids are versatile in nature and can be used on everything from roof overlay situations to full, multi-layered warm roof specifications. They are also often used on inverted roof projects where a seamless, hard-wearing waterproofing system is required.

Liquid Roofing Project Examples

Benefits of Liquid Roofing Systems

  • Cold applied, flame-free technology
  • Seamless roofing for the ultimate waterproofing integrity
  • High performance, long-lasting systems
  • Perfect for roofs with complex detailing requirements