Braedale Roofing Technical Support

Dependable Technical Support

At Braedale Roofing, we offer far more than just quality workmanship and exceptional service. We also provide added-value technical advice and support throughout your project, from initial consultation through to completion.

Reasons to Work with Braedale Roofing

  • Expertise in multiple flat roofing systems
  • Technical help & support to deliver the right system for your roof
  • Approved by the industry’s leading manufacturers
  • Trusted to perform by many prestigious clients

Roof Surveys

Before we embark upon any refurbishment project, we will carry out a comprehensive survey of the potential area to be treated. This helps to accurately assess the extent of any damage, and can often result in valuable cost savings for the client.

Our technical team can deploy a wide range of surveying techniques, including:

  • Moisture Probe Analysis
  • Pull-Out Tests
  • Photographic Analysis
We also employ the use of remote control drones where initial access to the roof is difficult or where health and safety dictates that this is the safest means of conducting a survey. In addition, we have access to the latest thermographic imaging technology where required, to help identify the extent and causes of any water ingress. For each roof survey that we carry out, we will provide you with a detailed report, outlining any potential problems that you might have along with our bespoke proposals and recommendations.
Braedale Roofing Specification Advice

System Specification Advice

Once an initial roof survey has been carried out, we will be in the best possible position to offer detailed advice on the best waterproofing solution to adopt. Each system offers particular characteristics and benefits, and Braedale Roofing’s considerable knowledge and experience will enable us to match the ideals products to your building’s individual requirements.
Braedale Roofing Wind Uplift Calculations

Wind/Thermal Calculations

Braedale Roofing can also carry out a range of measurements and calculations as part of the specification process, including wind uplift and U-value calculations, condensation risk analysis and drainage capacity requirements. This building and location-specific data can then be used to implement the most effective and long-lasting waterproofing system.
“For a manufacturer such as ourselves, it is important to work with experienced contractors such as Braedale Roofing, in order to ensure the effectiveness of our systems. We value their professionalism and our partnership approach helps deliver an exceptional waterproofing solution to the client.”
Graeme Douglas, IKO PLC