Braedale Roofing Rainscreen Cladding


Rainscreen systems offer two lines of defence for exterior building walls, and typically incorporate an initial air/moisture barrier and a secondary rain proof barrier (i.e. the ‘rainscreen’). These systems are extremely popular, particularly on prestigious new build projects, as they provide a completely flat surface and guaranteed long-term protection. They are also available in highly original colours and designs, making them ideal for use on buildings where aesthetics are of paramount importance.

Rainscreen cladding can offer significant whole-life cost savings to the building owner, thanks to its low maintenance requirements and the sustainable nature of the materials used. Available in a variety of horizontal and vertical joint arrangements, it can be fixed to most common wall structures and can be easily shaped to create unique or challenging details. Thermal insulation can also be incorporated, and systems are provided with all necessary fixings and accessories.

Rainscreen Cladding Project Examples

Benefits of Rainscreen Cladding

  • Incorporates two lines of defence for exterior building walls
  • Highly adaptable colour and design options
  • Low maintenance, long-lasting, sustainable weatherproofing system

  • Versatile system that can be fixed to most common wall structures